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Liability Insurance For
CBD Businesses

Getting the wrong insurance policy can cost your CBD business $Millions. Our programs protect CBD manufacturers, distributors and retailers in this complex space.

Don’t Let Bad Coverage Kill Your CBD Business

The wrong insurance policy could cost your company millions. And now with the increasing popularity of CBD-infused products, the risks are getting even more complex. We offer custom liability solutions to address the unique risk and regulatory challenges your industry faces, so you can focus on growing your business.

Why You Need It

Settlements in dietary supplement and nutraceutical cases can be massive. In 2016, GNC paid out a $2.25-million settlement. In 2014, makers of a supplement “Eopi-Plex” paid out $4.23 million. In 2011, Irwin Naturals was forced to settle a lawsuit for $2.65 million. Not having liability insurance for your supplement business is really not worth the risk.

Why Choose Bolton Insurance for the CBD Industry?

  • We have direct access to insurance coverage that’s built specifically for the CBD industry, so we get you the most appropriate and affordable insurance
  • We have more than 15 years of combined experience focused on this ever-evolving industry so we can help you navigate any particular constraints
  • We understand your challenges and we’ll secure the right insurance for you, so you can be fully protected

Avoid the Top 5 Insurance Mistakes

There are a number of costly pitfalls that supplement-related companies can fall prey to, and some of the most devastating directly pertain to insurance. We’ve put together the top five insurance mistakes to avoid when establishing and running your business.

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We’ve Made It Really Easy To Sign Up For Liability Insurance.

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Bolton's CBD and Supplement Business insurance specialists like Chris Morey will help you design a comprehensive insurance solution that spans from the raw ingredients used in your products, through your supply chain, operations and all the way to your customers.

Whether your business focus is CBD-infused products, nutraceuticals, sport nutrition or a similar specialty in the supplement space, our specialists know your industry, its risks and what you need to keep protected and stay in business.

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